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Free 4D Wellness Express Program. Begin to transform your life in 10min a day.
Wellness is a state beyond the absence of illness - it aims to optimise wellbeing. And to truly optimise our wellbeing this includes not just our Physical wellbeing but also our Mental wellbeing, Emotional wellbeing a...

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For those interested in behaviour change this is a must listen. Bobby talks about his originating intention and how that drives him to do what he does. He chats about some defining moments in his career and how they shaped him for today. He also talks through some of the key steps and also a grea...

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Im sponsoring a REPS registered delegate to attend the Fitex NZ conference 23rd -24th November (2day pass) this year. This is for someone who truly wants to make a difference, has the 'Will to Liv' their most fulfilling life and wants to inspire others to do the same.
To enter please do up a sh...

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Such a simple statement that really connected with me. The feel part can be painful but unless it’s worked through it can never be healed. ❤️
👉Every emotion always has its higher intent if we look hard enough .
👉And unresolved emotion can play havoc in our body disrupting hormones and structure...

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The Power of Connecting - Inside and Out
In this episode I chat to Nikki Williams owner of Positive Choice and BDM for Exercise NZ who has been in the fitness industry for 30 years. Nikki talks about how connecting to her values literally changed how she showed up in the world and impacted her bu...

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FREE WEBINAR 22nd August

Why is it that in this information age full of the most technological advances so many of our clients are still stuck not getting the results available to them??

What i've seen is so many of us focus so intently on all the information at hand that we are missing underst...

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A great frank discussion with Women’s Health Expert Thea Baker who is bringing a fresh energy and approach to women’s health. Thea chats about the current status of women’s health, the top complaints she sees women are struggling with from periods to perimenopause but importantly what we can do f...

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Your "Will to Liv" starts now

I believe life is a gift! 

As a Mum, Entrepreneur, Speaker and founder of the global #WilltoLiv movement I am committed to appreciate and live my most fulfilling life and to inspire those around me to do the same.

My professional and personal work is dedicated to unleashing your genius within and sharing your gifts with the world.

Let's work together to grow and expand the 4 Dimensional You. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

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