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Healthy or just not sick?
While it is great that you may not get sick, there can be a misconception that this means you are healthy. “Well it does, I’m not sick” I hear you say. There is some truth in what you’re saying, but sickness and illness are just the visible tip of the iceberg. When you a...

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Podcast Highlights Continued.......

Most people bias towards one quadrant. How are you structuring your training?
o Large % of people in gyms are doing loaded and unloaded linear training only. Keep but add the other side of the spectrum. Can be for movement prep or 1-2 drills in the main secti...

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Podcast Highlights (Part 1 )
✓ Fundamentally health comes before everything
✓ Sustain and optimise a healthy ecosystem within the person- Living life without restrictions across many levels
✓ 1 week 168 hrs, sleep 45.5hrs, 122.5 hrs left in life – what will you do with it?
✓ There is no wrong tr...

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These two guys are taking the world by storm with their integrated movement and medicine course that delves deep into the complexity of the human being to find the cause yet simplifies the process in an easy to use blueprint.
Looking globally at health problems and at the underlying inflammatory...

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Episode 3
Michela D’Addario – Releasing Buried Emotion – The Quantum Way
For over 30 years Michela has worked with clients at a deep level to free them from the buried emotion which can impact our ability to find joy, peace, love and affect our health in many ways. Michela shares so many gems fro...

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Episode 2
Caroline, the Queen of breakfast radio starts her day at 330am and has done so for over 20 years at the helm of mix fm. She has done this while raising 3 kids who turned out staying being happily married, tirelessly working for charity, always active and has a very healthy social life! ...

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Episode 1

Angela Lee – Welcome. The Story Behind Will to Liv
In this podcast Angela gives some insight into her real life story behind the podcast. In 2015 Angela’s life changed forever when her son Will passed away at 104days old. A year to the week later her daughter Liv was born and unbeknow...

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I believe life is a gift! 

As a Mum, Entrepreneur, Speaker and founder of the global #WilltoLiv movement I am committed to appreciate and live my most fulfilling life and to inspire those around me to do the same.

My professional and personal work is dedicated to unleashing your genius within and sharing your gifts with the world.

Let's work together to grow and expand the 4 Dimensional You. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

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